Rihanna Is Not Putting Up With Any Voting Nonsense On Her Instagram

Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images.
It's Election Day, and Rihanna is not messing around. The superstar has been using her Instagram these past few weeks to encourage her fans to vote in the midterms – and with the day finally upon us, she's suffering no fools (or trolls) in the comments. Check out any given post from today and you'll see the "Work" singer giving doubters a pep talk and naysayers a dressing-down they'll never forget. Because when Rihanna comes for you, that's gonna stick with you for a lifetime.
On one post, a fan commented that they didn't think their vote mattered, but the Fenty mogul quickly proved them wrong.
"They want you to think that sis!" she wrote. "Don't fall for it! If you don't go, they'll take your vote and allocate it where they want to! It's happening to many citizens as we speak!" In other words, not voting is the same as voting, because your vote essentially goes to the opponent of whoever you didn't speak up for.
For other commenters, she's setting the record straight. In what appears to be a now-deleted comment, a fan asked if Rihanna was "even a US citizen."
"Nah I'm an immigrant tryna get yo country together," she replied. "Did u vote?"
While Rihanna can't vote since she is a national of Barbados, she's using her large platform to encourage the millions of fans who can to show up to the polls and vote. Back in 2016, she endorsed Hillary Clinton, and she's keeping that momentum going.
On that note — polls are still open in most states, some as late as 9 p.m. Make Rihanna proud and you might just get a supportive comment back.

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