Rumor Has It That This 13 Reasons Why Star Is Headed To The Marvel Universe

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Let the speculation begin: Deadline reports that 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford is set to appear in next spring’s Avengers 4.
There are few movies that have ever had the kind of hype swirling around the still-untitled Avengers 4. Part of this is due to the secrecy surrounding the production — Avengers 4 is following up on the massive, universe-altering cliffhanger that ended Infinity War. Not only that, but the movie is set to cap off the series’ ongoing Avengers arc and usher in a new era of heroes (goodbye, Chris Evans). True to form, Marvel is keeping any further details under lock and key, and stars have predictably been cryptic and tight-lipped about the whole deal.
But Langford’s alleged casting is the latest bit of information we have from the movie, and it’s got us even more excited than we already were. Her breakout turn as Hannah Baker in the wildly popular Netflix series catapulted her to near-instant stardom, but she announced earlier this year that she has wrapped up her time on 13 Reasons Why and is moving forward to tackle other projects. On Instagram, she promised fans that “there is a lot coming up this next year, and [she] can't wait to share it with you.”
And what a year it will be. Besides her reported role in Avengers 4, Langford is headed to the big screen in Spontaneous, based on the sci-fi YA novel about a world where teenagers begin to spontaneously combust (she even got a new ‘do for the movie). She’s also set to star in Netflix’s new series Cursed, based on the tragic Arthurian legend of the Lady in the Lake.
As for Langford’s reported role in Avengers 4 — well, we’re in uncharted sci-fi territory now, so pretty much anything is fair game. After Infinity War (spoiler alert), half of the galaxy’s population was wiped out. So would Langford be playing one of the surviving 50%? Alternately, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Avengers 4 will apparently contain some flashbacks — so even if her character didn’t make it, will Langford appear as an important figure in one of our heroes’ pasts? Maybe she is suiting up herself as another badass she-ro alongside Brie Larson’s incoming Captain Marvel — or maybe, horrifyingly, she’ll appear as one of Thanos’ evil minions instead.
Refinery29 has reached out to Langford’s team and representatives at Disney for further comment. But the possibilities are endless, and we have plenty of time to theorize: Avengers 4 just recently wrapped up shooting, and the movie comes out in theaters on May 3, 2019.

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