Has Jake Paul Changed After Shane Dawson's Revealing Documentary?

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Shane Dawson's eight-part documentary about Jake Paul, which finished its run on October 18, was monumental, raking in millions of views on just the mystery of Jake Paul alone. It took a deep look at the controversial YouTuber from all perspectives, from ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet to the controversial YouTuber himself. The last part of the documentary — which was one hour and forty-five minutes long — looked towards the future. Would Paul, who has regularly ended up in hot water, admit to his mistakes? Would he listen to Dawson's concerns? Put simply, was Jake Paul going to change?
Some important changes actually happened on camera. One of the YouTuber's biggest criticisms was that he hadn't deleted a video that contained accusations of physical assault from one of his employees against YouTuber Faze Banks. The issue has been settled and its veracity still unconfirmed, but Paul still had the video on his page. After listening to Dawson, however, Paul willingly deleted the video on camera.
Fans noticed a shift outside of the documentary, as well. Paul's most recent video on his channel, titled "THE TEAM 10 FAMILY REUNION IS HERE!!," is filled with comments from people remarking that they notice a difference in the creator.
"Is it just me? Or does Jake seem more mature in this video?" one viewer asked. "I actually enjoyed this video."
"Dear Jake Paul please stay like this dude," another pleaded.
"Idk what Shane [Dawson] has done but I actually am enjoying this video," another wrote. "Shane has magical powers."
Paul appears to have made some shifts in his behavior. Now, after listening to his side of the story — hearing him admit his mistakes and be vulnerable — audiences are more open to Paul's brand.
This isn't to say the 21-year-old has done a complete 180. In a video posted in the midst of the documentary called "Shane &," he continues to aggressively hawk his merch. In the documentary, Dawson pointed out that Paul's been accused of brainwashing his young viewers into buying things. Paul has also filmed another dangerous prank which involves himself and another Team 10 member jumping from great heights into boxes of merchanchise. While Paul stresses not to try this at home, he later says, "You wanna ever jump into a pile of boxes, that's how you do it."
He's also been having some legal issues. The Blast reported this week that his lawyers from the firm Loeb & Loeb are moving to drop him after an "irreconcilable breakdown." Paul is currently dealing with legal issues involving a train-horn prank against Ellis Barbacoff, but he reportedly has "refused to cooperate with Loeb in the defense of this action" and "refused to make payments to the firm for their legal services in connection with the case." Their move to drop Paul came on October 19, the day after the final part of Dawson's documentary was released.
That being said, the documentary ended on a promising note, and commenters are claiming that things are going in a better direction. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither, unfortunately, is Reformed Jake Paul.

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