Ryan Gosling Might Play A Pivotal Role In The Trial of The Jinx's Robert Durst

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Hey girl, can I play a pivotal role in your murder trial? It’s possible! There is news that a Ryan Gosling film might provide crucial evidence against The Jinx’s Robert Durst, who is currently in prison for a separate fire arms charge, in a upcoming trial.
Gosling, everybody’s boyfriend and award-winning Canadian actor, starred in the 2010 film All Good Things opposite Kirsten Dunst. Based on the life and alleged crimes of Durst, its director Andrew Jarecki would go on to direct the HBO true crime docuseries, The Jinx after Durst professed his admiration for All Good Things and the two men struck up a relationship. The real estate heir was so fond of the film based on his alleged crimes, that he even provided commentary for the DVD extra.
Now prosecutors might use the film and Durst’s commentary as an “adoptive admission” into the the 1982 disappearance of his wife, Kathie. Durst, 75, is currently in preliminary hearings in Los Angeles for the 2000 murder of Susan Berman. The DA alleges that Durst killed Berman because she had incriminating evidence against him regarding Kathie’s disappearance and possible death.
Durst was acquitted of the 2001 murder and dismemberment of Morris Black, his neighbor in Galveston, Texas. He claimed he’d committed both acts in self defense.
In Jarecki’s 2015 The Jinx the director further explored the twisted details of Durst’s life. Durst was famously caught on a hot mic in the finale allegedly admitting to the murders of Kathie, Berman, and Black.
Los Angeles prosecutors allege that Durst’s own statements on the DVD are crucial enough to use in court, including his admission that the film was “more or less accurate” in regard to violent scenes in which his character (played by Gosling) abuses his wife. “After reading the script and watching this movie, Defendant did not sue the production company for slander, nor did he object to how the movie portrayed him," the paperwork reads according to The Wrap. "Instead, he contacted the director and expressed how much he had enjoyed the film and agreed to sit for a series of interviews, including the DVD commentary for the movie."
“I’ve seen the story about the hair two different ways," he tells Jarecki in the film's commentary. "One way, I drag her out of the house by her hair; the other way, I grab her hair and a big chunk comes out. Either way is close enough.”

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