Trump Should Be Worried About These White House Ghosts Coming Out To Haunt Him

Photo: Saul Loeb / AFP.
The White House is more than just the place our president lives and works; it’s where most of the major political moments in American history have happened. And all those moments, had by so many presidents and the leaders and founders of the country, means one thing: ghosts.
Jenna Bush Hager recently confirmed what many of you may have suspected for years: the White House is extremely haunted.
“My phone rang, it woke us up in the middle of the night. We had a fireplace in our room, and all of a sudden we started hearing, like, 1920s piano music, as clear as day, coming out of the fireplace,” Hager said on the Today show.
President Harry Truman also had a ghost sighting. He wrote in a letter to his wife, “I sit in this old house, all the while listening to the ghosts walk up and down the hallway. At four o’clock, I was awakened by three distinct knocks on my bedroom door. No one was there. Damned place is haunted, sure as shootin’!”
Sure as shootin’, indeed.
Anyway, if one accepts that the White House is haunted (which, again, it absolutely is), one must also accept that the many ghosts who are always present somewhere in the White House, Haunting of Hill House-style, may not be crazy about the current president who is banging around the place.
Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the security clearance to march right up to these ghosts and ask them just what they think of President Donald Trump. But what we do have are the powers of hearty speculation and knowledge of what Trump has done throughout his time in office. So, here are all the known ghosts of the White House, plus all the beef they could have with Trump.

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