What Was The Most Popular Movie The Year You Were Born?

A simple thought, but a strange one: The world didn't begin when you did. The day you were born, upsetting headlines were competing for space on the front pages of newspapers. Celebrity couples were shacking up and splitting up. People were lining up to buy movie tickets — especially since the phrase "streaming on Netflix" would have been gibberish.
Essentially, life was still going on — and you were just joining the party. So, you missed out on every phenomenon up until that point. To think: The kids born in 2018 won't have remembered a single moment from the uplifting, obsessive reaction to A Star Is Born. I almost feel sorry for them. And surely, the kids who got to see Toy Story in theaters in 1995 feel sorry for anyone who missed witnessing the birth of Pixar.
What cinematic phenomena were you born too late to witness? What popular movie crested and fell before you could form words? Here are the top-grossing movies of each year between 1985 and 2000 — and what the most popular movie the year you were born might say about you.

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