Fallen In Love With A Star Is Born? Watch These Movies Next

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.
Hey. I just wanted to take another look at you. Because you, like me, haven't stopped thinking about A Star Is Born since you saw it in theaters. After seeing A Star Is Born once (or twice), what's next for your movie-watching routine? How does one fill the Jackson (Bradley Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga)-sized hole?
It's a necessary question. Luckily, A Star Is Born is a movie forged from some of the most omnipresent themes in film — and in people's lives, for that matter: the intersection of love and ambition. The desire for stardom, or at the very least, something more. The difficulties of addiction. Combined, these elements give A Star Is Born an epic quality.
Given the themes' universality, you can find them taking different forms throughout countless other compelling movies. So, we've devised the ultimate Star Is Born-inspired movie marathon.

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