Does Michael Langdon Have A Twin? An American Horror Story Investigation

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As you might have guessed based on the subtitle alone, the world is in pretty bad shape on American Horror Story: Apocalypse. If there's anyone to thank for that, it's Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) — he is, after all, the Antichrist hellbent on rebirthing a new world in Satan's image. Stronger than Supreme Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and totally evil, is all hope lost to defeat the man born in season 1's Murder House?
Maybe not... because it's very possible that Michael's own twin could defeat him.
If you're wondering what I'm talking about, you should probably know that the show has yet to introduce a (living) twin for Michael... but it's quite possible that the series has hinted at it all along.
First, we have to go back to the Murder House — which American Horror Story is actually doing on Wednesday's episode, with Madison (Emma Roberts) investigating the haunted Los Angeles home for information on Michael's origins.
Unlike Madison, longtime American Horror Story fans have an advantage: We already know that Michael was born after Tate (Evan Peters) raped his mother Vivian (Connie Britton). Michael was a twin, but his brother died shortly after Vivan gave birth. In Murder House, Michael is referred to as the "alpha" twin. The "Alpha" is what the warlocks claim adult Michael could be, in reference to the almost-unheard-of male Supreme.
In the American Horror Story: Murder House finale, ghosts Vivian and Ben (Dylan McDermott) "raise" their dead son — forever a baby due to the Murder House's special powers — and live happily(ish) ever after. Michael, meanwhile, is given to Constance (Jessica Lange) and, as we know from Apocalypse, ends up in foster care.
Now, it's very possible that Michael's twin is still cooing somewhere in the ashes of the Murder House... but there's also another possibility. This one involves Mallory (Billie Lourd), the "personal assistant" whom we learn via flashbacks was actually a very talented witch at Miss Robichaux's Academy. It's hinted at that Mallory could be the Supreme, or at least in the running for it: We see the witch not only resurrect a dead deer, but makes it so the deer's wounds never existed at all. This is impressive, even to Cordelia, who has all the powers.
Now, this might just mean that Mallory is a powerful witch, but it's worth noting that Michael seemed absolutely floored when Mallory displayed powers that sent him falling backwards. In fact, he looked fearful, like Mallory could actually hurt him.
So, here's the theory: What if Mallory is the twin that died in the Murder House, all those years ago? We know that Mallory has the power to resurrect animals, and if she has powers that might rival Michael's, isn't it possible that she, as a baby, had the power to resurrect herself?
It sounds crazy, of course but stranger things have certainly happened on American Horror Story. Though the baby was technically male, it's possible that Mallory could be transgender, or that, maybe, she resurrected herself into the nearest available body, which happened to be a woman's.
It's worth noting that Mallory and Michael do resemble one another. In last year's American Horror Story: Cult, Lourd was given an icy-white wig to wear. This year, Lourd's hair is blonde... almost the exact same color as Michael's.
I'm not the only person who believes this. Twitter is convinced that Mallory could be Michael's twin.
Only time will tell if Mallory is actually related to Michael, but she has to serve some purpose. Could it be... to save the world destroyed by her brother? For the sake of everyone, let's hope.
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