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I Got Lime Green Hair From Cardi B's Stylist — & Here's How I Look Now

"I'm also a little worried about what my mom is going to think..."

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Despite Kermit the Frog famously croaking, "It's not easy being green," this year, celebrities like SZA, Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian West gave it a try, rocking green wigs in shades that varied from neon to lime to kelly. For a video with Refinery29, Raven Baker decided she would give the vibrant shade a try by get outfitted in a bright, lime green wig of her own. "I've never really committed and had fun color-wise," the R29 intern says. "I was ready."
Throughout her life, Baker has experimented with a ton of different styles. "I had dreadlocks for 11 years of my life," Baker says. "Then when I was in junior high school, I completely shaved my head. It was just me taking control over how I was expressing myself with my hair."
She then experimented with relaxed hair and weaves, but ultimately found that what worked best for her was protective styles, because they helped her retain her length and not destroy her curl pattern. "As someone who's natural and has had so many hair changes, it's so important for me to retain the length that I have," Baker says.
So that's why this wig was the right choice. And luckily for her, she got to work with one of her favorite hairstylists, Ebanks, who's worked with the likes of Cardi B and Asian Doll. "Why wouldn't I want the same hands on my head?" Baker says. "I'm thrilled to be getting this done."
The process, which took place at Exotic Hair in Brooklyn, began first with Baker's brown, curly wig being taken off, revealing her protective style of choice, cornrows. Ebanks then sewed on a flesh-colored wig cap. "I am a little nervous," Baker admitted. "The lime green has to look green. I don't want yellow on my head. I'm also a little worried about what my mom is going to think. She's worried about what people may think about me when they don't truly know me."
To prepare the long green wig, Ebanks found a powder makeup shade that matched Baker's skin tone, colored in the lace of the wig at the part, then fit the new green wig on Baker's head, sewed it into the cap, and affixed the edges with glue. As a final special touch, Ebanks laid down some baby hairs along Baker's edges.
When Ebanks finally turned Baker to the mirror to see her new hair for the first time, all anxieties melted away. "Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this," she said. "This is sickening. I'm so in love with this."
You can watch Baker's entire journey from brown to lime green, above.
Try A Lime Green Hair Wig Transformation For HalloweenReleased on October 4, 2018

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