Hair Me Out
This Woman's New Pink Hair Is More Than Just A Color Change

Sometimes a drastic hair change is the ultimate confidence booster.

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There are times in life when it's best to be calculated, safe, and smart, but sometimes life calls for taking chances. Naree Ketudat knows that sentiment well, and in the latest episode of Hair Me Out she takes her shoulder-length blond hair into a pastel pink bob without regrets, despite the superficial demands of auditioning for roles as an actress and singer.
"For the past few years I've been in the performance industry doing theatre and being on a stage. Changing my hair color or getting it cut was seen as a huge career change regarding the roles you play and how you're seen onstage," she says. But Ketudat’s strict physical standards didn’t erase the fact that she still wanted to experiment with her look. She dabbled with brown hair color in high school, but her latest transformation is — by far — her most liberating.
“I’ve decided to take a step back from the performance industry and, because of that, I feel like I can do whatever I want with my hair and it's really exciting,” she says. "I am going through a life assessment and I definitely think it's time for my hair to reflect that." Ketudat embarked on her transformation at Ion Studio in New York City, where she shed a few inches off her strands and went pink. The only thing more satisfying than watching her switch is seeing her empowering results. Click play to watch along.
What To Know Before Dying Blonde Hair PinkReleased on October 16, 2018

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