The Softest Shows To Watch In These Hard Times

Photo: Courtesy of the BBC.
The times, they are a-trying. Is that how that Bob Dylan song goes? Maybe. Pop culture's a confusing place right now, with Lindsay Lohan kidnapping children and Kanye West making an earnest stab at changing the 13th amendment. The usual comfort foods taste a little different. Saturday Night Live is happily making jokes about birth control coercion, and some of the best shows on television also happen to be the most probing. Sharp Objects was great television, but it was also... sharp. It was kind of cruel and, because of that, it wasn't exactly curl-up-with-a-patty-melt kind of TV.
But some shows are soft. The Good Cop, Netflix's newest procedural, is just Josh Groban solving crimes with his dad, who is played by Tony Danza. Grey's Anatomy is still Grey's. Call the Midwife is mostly about women delivering babies and that's it. Ahead, the softest, cuddliest, most soothing shows to watch right now — the TV equivalent of a corgi.
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