The Sharp Objects Questions You're Still Dying To Know The Answers To

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sharp Objects the season 1 finale, “Milk.”
I had been warned that the Sharp Objects finale was going to throw my brain for a loop, but I didn't anticipate just how aghast I'd be at the final twist that Amma was the person behind Ann and Natalie's murders. While the final handful of scenes — which you may have missed if you didn't stay through the credits — answer a number of burning questions, there are still some things I was still left wondering when the episode was 100% over.
A lot of these questions are answered in the original book written by Gillian Flynn, but the HBO show hasn't been entirely faithful to the text, so it's up to you whether or not you think it holds the answers for what we just saw on screen. In an attempt to give our best guess, however, we've combined the two, as well as included the thoughts of the people who brought the story to life. Read on, because there's still so much Sharp Objects left to dive into.
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