Dakota Johnson Talks About Her Relationship With Chris Martin For The First Time

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
It's been almost a year since gossips first spotted Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin on a sushi date together. In all that time, neither the actress nor the Coldplay frontman has said a single word in public about their relationship, preferring instead to let anonymous friends, plus Johnson's mom Melanie Griffith and Diane Keaton, speak for them. Until now.
In an interview for Tatler magazine, according to E! Online, Johnson finally owned up to dating Martin. "I'm not going to talk about it," she said in the cover story that will hit newsstands next Monday. "But I am very happy."
Wow, 12 whole words!
This gives us so much more hope that Martin will eventually appear on a red carpet with Johnson at one of the premieres of Suspiria, the 1970s horror remake. After all, they're not exactly hiding — people have seen Martin and Johnson roaming his Malibu neighborhood and celebrating Ellen DeGeneres's birthday. They're also well beyond that "let's not tell anyone in case it doesn't work out" phase — they've got matching infinity tattoos! So why wouldn't Martin put on a fancy suit and endure a step-and-repeat or two in support of his lady's new movie?
Well, they are also veterans of this fame thing. Perhaps after already being one half of a very famous divorced couple and the offspring of another one, they have a few ideas about what will keep their relationship alive and healthy. One thing we have learned is that Johnson has done a lot of self-reflection in her 28 years, and she might know a thing or two about what will and won’t make her happy.
"I have been in therapy so long that I go to the therapist that the therapists go to," she told Tatler. "I can psychoanalyze myself and then I'm like, 'Well, but I'm still here. So, now what?' ... [N]o one else is going to give you the answer. It's all within you, you just have to be true, and sometimes that's painful."

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