Cardi B Laughs Off Criticism That She’s “Over” As Nicki Minaj Spat Continues

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Cardi B isn’t “over” and it seems neither is her spat with Nicki Minaj. In her latest Insta Story, Cardi B laughs off the haters who say her career is donzo following that New York Fashion Week altercation with Minaj. Perhaps not all that surprising since Cardi’s been making jokes ever since she was spotted throwing her shoes at Minaj. But now she’s giving a bit of life advice for those who want to listen.
In the video, Cardi lets fans know that the Minaj fight hasn’t ruined her career, in fact, she says it’s helped her get even more offers from the fashion world. And those rumors that celebrities were unfollowing her on social media, she says those are completely untrue, too. “Those celebrities wasn’t even following me,” she said. Cardi just wishes people would stop trying to kill her vibe and just let her live. “Ya’ll will see when my time is,” Cardi said of when the world will know she’s over. “My numbers will be going down. I’m not going to be on the charts. People will stop fucking with me.”
Since Cardi B’s single with Maroon 5 “Girls Like You” just hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts making her the first female rapper to earn three number one singles, it’s pretty clear that time hasn’t come quite yet. It’s why Cardi B says, “Just relax and enjoy the show and worry about your life” instead of hers.
Cardi makes it clear that she thinks too many people are way too invested in the lives of celebrities and that everyone should be more interested in making their own money moves. “We are lucky. We are in the internet era, bro,” she said on Instagram. “There are so many different ways to make money.” That’s why she suggests stopping with the “fake pages trying to be under celebrity comments” and just go out and “research how to make money.” Her suggestion? Go check out real estate and get inspired.
So, stop worrying about whether Cardi B’s latest Instagram comment is a Minaj diss and just enjoy the ride. Fans will get to see Cardi B perform live at the American Music Awards on October 9, her first performance since giving birth to daughter Kulture. The "Bartier Cardi" singer is tied with Drake for the most AMA nominations this year with eight proving once again that she’s here to stay.

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