What We Actually Know About Those Mysterious Manifest Powers

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
When first tuning into NBC’s Manifest, a sci-fi-flavored new drama about an entire plane that disappears and then reappears five years later as if nothing happened, one expects a lot of things. At the top of the list: a lot of similarities to the Lost, the greatest plane-related series of all time. Family drama also seems likely — a lot changes over half a decade, including romantic relationships when you think your husband died in a mysterious plane crash— as does a government conspiracy or two. Even something a little X-Files-y could be in the cards.
But, it’s pretty hard to predict super powers, of all sci-fi tropes, are on the horizon. Yet, the first few episodes of Manifest have proved, that is exactly what the new series is about. Super powers!
Since viewers likely have a lot of questions about the Stone siblings’ (Valor alum Melissa Roxburgh and Once Upon A Time prince Josh Dallas) newfound psychic abilities, we should probably get to the bottom of this mystery. Keep reading to understand everything we know about Manifest’s biggest curveball.
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