The Untold History Of The Real Housewives Iconic Taglines

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The cast of The Real Housewives of New York City say the darndest things, and while plenty of their snarky one-liners are in-the-moment original thoughts, the words the cast is perhaps most closely associated with aren't. According to a Real Housewives of New York City panel at the Tribeca TV Festival, it's mostly the producers coming up with the slogans that usher fans into every episode of the series.
That's not to say that the personas of the wealthy women of Manhattan don't come heavily into play when said producers are deciding on their soon-to-be iconic catchphrases.
Executive producer Lisa Shannon explained at the panel that wine is involved in the process. It seems appropriate.
"Usually we spitball them all. Barrie Bernstein, who is an [executive producer] on the show, will come up to my office and I’ll get out a bottle of wine," said the EP. "And [it’s like] we become them. Like, okay, what would Tinsley [Mortimer] say? What's she doing this season? Room service."
Shannon is, of course, referring to socialite Mortimer's season 10 tagline: "Come on, why cook when I can order room service?" (This is the most relatable of all taglines to my life, though I would replace "room service" with "tacos from Postmates.")
Fellow executive producer Andy Cohen, who also hosts the always-dramatic reunion shows, added that it's not just the behind-the-scenes team who come up with the catchphrases. "The women come to us as well and say, 'Look, this is what I’m [thinking],' Cohen explained at the panel.
Though her room service line was highly relatable, it wasn't Mortimer's favorite. According to the former High Society star (never forget her OG reality TV series), she preferred a different slogan: "[I liked] 'A good set of lashes can fix anything,'" Mortimer, who also appeared on the panel, revealed.
Sonja Morgan added:
"I love them all. [I like] 'I do have a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for me,'" the fashion maven contributed.
What will these ladies say next? Guess it depends how wine drunk the producers get.
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