Carrie Underwood Thinks She Looks Different With The Scars From Her Fall

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
One day, we might forget that Carrie Underwood ever had 40-5o stitches in her face after a nasty trip up the stairs, but today is not that day. The "Cry Pretty" singer had more details to share to Ellen DeGeneres about the fall that's defined her year, and said that despite people's reactions, she does think she looks different after recovery.
“I didn’t realize how bad it was [at first]," she told the host about her reaction right after she fell. "I just have great people around me so I had somebody come pick me up and take me...Everybody just kind of sprung into action."
Aside from the stitches, Underwood also had some quick work done on her teeth. She appears healthier than ever, but she said that she still doesn't believe her face is entirely the same.
“I feel like I do a little bit," she responded when DeGeneres asked if she thought she looked different. "My biggest worry at the time was if I say nothing, then later on… I feel like people are gonna say, What has she done to herself electively? And it definitely was not a choice."
While her looks may be different, no matter how slight, Underwood says her emotions and mental state have settled.
"I feel pretty close to normal," she said.
Watch the full interview below:

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