Carrie Underwood Opens Up About The Facial Scar That Changed Her Life

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images.
Despite general speculation that Carrie Underwood was done talking about her scar just last month, the singer has opened about about her injury once more. Back in November, Underwood was taken to the hospital for a broken wrist. In early 2018, she revealed that she'd also gotten 40 to 50 stitches to her face, causing some scarring. She took time off because of the injury, citing a need to recover, and returned looking...pretty much the same. However, that doesn't mean that it wasn't a traumatic experience for her. Speaking to Redbook, Underwood debunked some of the rumors that accumulated in the midst of her recovery — including the suggestion that this was all just a cover up for plastic surgery.
"I'm on some magazine every other week for something crazy," she said. "It's a little sad, because the truth is just as interesting. I wish I'd gotten some awesome plastic surgery to make this [scar] look better. But I try not to worry too much about it. My mom will be like, 'Did you see they are saying this about you?' And I'll be like, 'Mama, I don't care. I'm just trying to raise my son and live my life.'"
She also owned up to the fact that other people definitely don't see the difference she sees, which all comes down to perception.
"I look at myself [now] and I see it quite a bit, but other people are like, 'I wouldn't have even noticed,'" she said. "Nobody else looks at you as much as you think they do. Nobody notices as much as you think they will, so that's been nice to learn."
Okay, now she's done talking about the scar.

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