Chris Martin Wrote An Ode To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cargo Shorts — I Mean, Charity Work

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I love this song about Leonardo DiCaprio and his cargo shorts almost as much as, well, Leonardo DiCaprio loves his cargo shorts!
The song, written and performed by Chris Martin, fittingly debuted at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s 20th anniversary gala fundraiser. Martin introduced the song by informing the audience that he had studied DiCaprio "personally and on the Daily Mail website" for some time.
"What became clear to me was his unbelievable service, his commitment to the business of cargo shorts," Martin said in a video captured by one of the attendees. "This is a guy who said ‘I’m going to save these shorts from extinction, they should’ve gone out about 25 years ago.'"
In the ensuing song, written from the perspective of DiCaprio, Martin laments the fact that the actor can't wear cargo shorts all the time — despite his best efforts.
"All my movies I’m the star I swear, but they won’t let me wear what I want to wear!" the lyrics go. "You see I have an outfit that I think is fine, so much that I wear it nearly all the time. Find 100 pairs on my wardrobe shelf, so tell the director I’ll be dressing myself: In my cargo shorts, my cargo shorts!"
Watch the full performance below!
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