Step Aside PSL: Baristas Weigh In On The Next Big Fall Coffee Drinks

Since its genesis in 2003, we've seen the Pumpkin Spice Latte go from being completely novel to overly trendy to a total fall cliché. Now that the PSL has gone from hottest fall beverage on the block to settling into its place as a seasonal staple on coffee shop menus across the country, there's plenty of room for a new festive drink to take its spot.
So, we set out to discover coffee trends that have the potential to spark the same level of excitement PSLs once did. For insight into what coffee orders people will be obsessing over in the crisp months to come, we reached out to baristas from cafes across the country. Ahead, find all the autumn beverage fads they've been noticing, including different variations on oat milk lattes, sweet and savory mashups, and even CBD oil add-ons.

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