Another Jenner Marriage Is Coming To An End

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images.
Brandon Jenner just shocked fans on Instagram. The musician and son of Caitlyn Jenner announced in an emotional post that he and his wife, Leah Felder, have decided to split. Specifically, the couple, who had been together for fourteen years and married for six, told followers that they would be ending "the romantic aspect" of their relationship.
"We are deeply proud of the life we've cultivated together and are truly grateful for the bond of friendship we hold and cherish today," the statement continues. "It is stronger than ever. Even though we have chosen to separate as a couple, we still love one another very, very much and remain a major part of each others lives -- as best friends, family and loving parents to our daughter. There has been to lying or cheating or fighting that prompted this change, just an expansion of our individual evolution which has inspired us to support each other in a new way. We are still, very much, a loving family and are bonded by a deep connection that is rooted in love."
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With Love, from @leahjames and I ❤️

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Felder posted the same statement on her own social media, and both parties have disabled comments on the post. They share a daughter, Eva James Jenner, who is three years old.

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