Exclusive: This Nail Art Will Make You Hate Disney's Evil Villains A Little Less

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Imagine this: You walk into a bar, probably somewhere on the Lower East Side, it smells like freshly-lit cigarettes, gin, and revelry. You spot two women: One is in the corner wearing a tiara and scrolling through her #foodporn Instagram feed, and the other — dressed in all black, draped in a fur (relax, it's faux) — is sipping on a dry martini. Who do you want to hang out with?
While we'd never hope to become villains ourselves, we wouldn't mind getting a drink or hitting up a karaoke bar with one of the evil queens. Let's face it: The Maleficents, the Ursulas, and the Evil Queens of the world are just... cooler. They're also the ones we'd want by our side in a landlord dispute (sometimes you gotta be the bad guy when it comes to adulting). And we're not the only ones who think so.
Tonight, The Blonds debuted their first partnership with Disney, featuring an entire collection inspired by the House of Mouse. Luckily, there weren't any amusement park headbands in sight. Phillipe and David Blond designed a historic collection bringing the unpopular Disney villains — Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Ursula — to life, from the bedazzled corsets right down to the detailed manicures on the models' fingertips.
Naturally, the nail art was created by CND's design team, led by Style Director Jan Arnold, who's worked with The Blonds since the very first show. "We heard the story, we saw the drawings, we had a meeting with our design team, and soon, we received 100 templates of nail concepts that we then adjusted and curated to present to The Blonds," Arnold told Refinery29 today. The end result: Nearly 350 hours of hand-painted, crystal-embossed gel nails for 30 models.
Here's the thing: These nails may have been inspired by Disney, but they're edgier than anything you'd ever find in Toontown. We got an exclusive look at the details. Click ahead to check out the behind-the-scenes secrets of the nails. These designs will have you tossing your tiara and pink ballgown in no time.

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