Quincy Jones' Upcoming Netflix Documentary Is Dripping With Star Power

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images.
Netflix just released the official trailer for the upcoming documentary Quincy. The film documents the extraordinary life and career of record producer, composer, and film producer Quincy Jones. And if there is one testament to his influence on the industry it is the sheer number of celebrities that admire him in the less than three-minute clip.
Lady Gaga feels pressured just by being in his presence. He poses with a pope and Nelson Mandela. He fist bumps Willie Nelson. Tony Bennett remarks that it’s a “great treat” just to see him. Jones checks in with Paul McCartney while embracing him on a couch. Dr. Dre calls Jones his “ultimate mentor and inspiration,” which simply makes Jones feel “old.” Pulitzer winner Kendrick Lamar remarks that the octogenarian inspires him because he was the first to combine hip-hop and jazz. Will Smith says that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came to be after Jones called to pitch Smith’s “future” to him. There’s a clip of Oprah gushing about how Jones discovered her. Lionel Richie warns others not to attempt the same things Jones has done because “you’ll get your ass killed.” Barack Obama says that Jones walks through doors before anyone else. John Legend and Snoop Dogg beam in his presence.
According to a press release sent by Netflix, Mary J. Blige, Bono, Jay Z are also going to make appearances in the film. Rashida Jones, one of Jones’ six daughters, is a director of the film. That Quincy Jones has touched the lives of so many giants in his field is truly remarkable.
We don’t have to doubt whether or not Quincy is worth a look, A-list cameos or not. In February, Vulture published an interview with Jones in which the legend spoke very candidly about his career in the industry and spilled a bunch of piping hot tea in the process. He claimed that Michael Jackson stole songs, and that he knows who killed John F. Kennedy. If Jones is holding on to any other morsels like this, this flick will be well worth it. The documentary is available to stream on September 21. Check out the trailer below.

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