Celebrities Told Us All The Ways They Expand Their Realities At 29Rooms

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Last night, celebrities hit the red carpet in Brooklyn, New York to celebrate Refinery29's newest 29Rooms tour, Expand Your Reality. This year, Refinery29's immersive and interactive world boasts 29 rooms of culture, art, and creativity, inspiring reflection and activism. Collaborators like Logan Browning, Yara Shahidi, and Kali Uchis were out in full force to promote their individual rooms, and other celebrities like Geraldine Viswanathan, Andi Dorfman, and Anna Chlumsky were there to support the artists and share their own individual ways of expanding their reality every day.
"I'm really big on meditating and taking time away from your normal routine life and really just reading a lot and talking to different people," Viswanathan told Refinery29 on the red carpet.
"I think it's just pursuing what you're passionate about," Dorfman offered. "I think there are moments in your life where you get the opportunity to do that and you just have to take advantage of it and you don't really know when it's going to come."
These feelings were the exact inspirations for the rooms made by the collaborators, including the ACLU room "Know! Your! Rights," hosted by Browning.
"I have always wanted to be involved with the ACLU and I went to an event earlier this year and was sitting at a table with them and expressed my interest and they immediately were so welcoming and well-receiving to that idea," Browning told us. "I just feel like the ACLU represents all of us, no matter what it is that matters to you, they support it, they represent it, they can educate you on your rights."
As for Uchis, her room Dream Doorways is a more literal transformation.
"I think that anything that inspires people to get out of their situation, challenge their minds — that's what art is supposed to be," she said.
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