Shameless Is One Show That Is Never Shy About Sex Scenes

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With season 9 rounding into its final episodes this January, the Shameless nostalgia is at an all-time high. This is Emmy Rossum's final season on the show, and it's not exactly getting any younger. In fact, things are only crazier, and more Shameless-y.
Shameless is a show that, as its title suggests, has never exactly been afraid to push boundaries. It has, unsurprisingly, had more than a few steamy sex scenes. In fact, the show has gotten so steamy that there are several NSFW compilations of its sex scenes available on Pornhub.
If you watch, it’s not hard to understand why. Shameless’ characters have sex in the most ludicrous, enthusiastic, and, well, pornographic fashion; from incestuous threesomes, office hours hookups with professors, and sex toys galore, it’s all but impossible to imagine watching an episode without thanking every deity in the universe that you aren't watching it with your parents.
Of all the sex scenes on the show, some still manage to stand out. Check out the best ones here.
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Fiona & Steve, season 1, episode 1

The first episode of Shameless has one of its best sex scenes.

In it, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) meets a nice man at a club named “Steve” (Justin Chatwin) who, as it turns out, is really a med school dropout/mid-range con artist named Jimmy. After he attempts to retrieve her stolen purse, she brings him back to the Gallagher’s overstuffed home, where he meets the rest of her family.

They exchange a kiss in the kitchen and, half a second later, start having sex on the kitchen floor. It’s passionate, intense, and Jimmy/Steve gets his hand smashed in a drawer during the act. Right when they are about to finish, in true Shameless fashion, the burgeoning couple is interrupted by a virginal cop who has a crush on Fiona.
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Sheila & Frank, season 1 episode 2

Of all the characters that have come and gone in the Shameless universe, one standout is Joan Cusack’s Sheila, an agoraphobic South Side housewife who loves cooking shows, her daughter Karen, putting plastic over her furniture to keep it fresh, and sex. Like, a lot of sex. A 2013 New York Times article accurately described the character as a “kinky mother.”

When Frank (William H. Macy) needs a place to crash, Sheila takes him in. Once he’s settled, she puts a towel over his head and breaks out a trove of sex toys she intends to use to their fullest potential, to Frank’s shock and horror. Still, he goes along with it, and, along the way, discovers the joy of stimulating his prostate.
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Kevin, Veronica & Carol’s insemination threesome, season 3 episode 8

“Best” is, well, maybe not the best adjective to describe this scene. “Noteworthy” might be better, or, simply, “memorable.”

But what happens is that the Gallagher family’s friends Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) have trouble conceiving. With their parenthood options dwindling, they decide that the best way to ensure kids of their own is for V’s mother Carol (Vanessa Bell Calloway) to act as a surrogate — which, in case you were wondering, very much does mean that she has to have sex with Kev.

But because V is uncomfortable with Carol having sex without her being there, she decides she has to watch it all go down. Her mom insists on getting drunk and listening to baby-making music (fair), and, in retaliation, V makes her put a bag over her head.

And you know what? Apparently it works, because Carol gets pregnant.

In this moment, Shameless very nearly transcended its own title, and for that, it makes the list.
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Fiona & Robbie, season 4 episode 3

By season four, Fiona appears to have gotten her life together: she has a cushy new job, is finally making some real money for her family, and has entered into a functional (if a little boring) relationship with her boss, Mike (Jake McDorman).

This, of course, doesn’t last long. Fiona becomes enamored with Mike’s fresh-out-of-rehab brother, Robbie (Nick Gehlfuss), and the two of them have sex on the table in a darkened kitchen with Mike asleep in the next room.

Mid-thrust, Mike almost walks in on them — creating an incredibly tense several seconds in which Robbie and Fiona remain frozen, staring at one another, while Robbie is still quite literally inside her.

They hook up several times afterward, despite Fiona’s distaste for Robbie and her assertion that each time they do it is going to be the last time, which serves as a useful tool to showcase Fiona’s appetite for destruction.
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Lip & Mandy, season 5 episode 3

The sex scenes in Shameless often serve as a way to showcase the best and worst qualities of its characters — and this scene, with Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is a perfect example of that.

Lip has gone to college and picked up a girlfriend. But when he’s home, he starts hanging out with his old flame, Mandy Milkovich (Emma Greenwell), who is planning on moving out of Chicago with her abusive boyfriend.

Lip and Mandy hang out, get naked, and, right before they’re about to have sex, he tries to get her to stay in town by telling her she’s beautiful, smart, and funny.

But when Mandy tells Lip she loves him, he can’t say it back. They exchange a wordless, devastating glance and have sex anyway. In the end, she still moves.
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Fiona & Gus, season 5 episode 4

After finding out that a musician she’s been flirting with has a girlfriend, Fiona tries to get back at him by hooking up with his bandmate, Gus (Steve Kazee). The plan works a little too well — Fiona goes back to his place, Gus plays her a song on his guitar, and she ends up genuinely falling for him. (Or, you know, just getting very turned on.)

They have a week-long sex marathon in his apartment — in his bed, on a table, on the floor, in the shower — and, by the end of it, make the decision to get married.

This is a very good decision, and the last reckless thing Fiona does. Just kidding! The marriage slowly implodes and wreaks havoc in Fiona's life for more time than she can afford, but hey — at least the sex, in the beginning, seemed like it was quite good.
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Lip & Professor Runyon, season 5 episode 9

Lip, thinking he is days away from losing his scholarship and must leave college, meets with a professor during her office hours. She tells him he looks like a “Schiele self-portrait,” then, as Lip starts walking toward her, tells him there’s a policy against “fraternizing” with professors.

“I don’t wanna fraternize,” he says. “I want to fuck you.”

Then, like clockwork, they start to bone. Lip goes down on her on her desk while an antique fertility statue looks on, and, midway through, someone knocks on the door.

“I’m with a student,” she says. Technically, it isn’t a lie.
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Mickey & Ian, season 7 episode 10

Ian’s (Cameron Monaghan) first love, Mickey (Noel Fisher) breaks out of prison and immediately seeks him out. Ian resists, but ends up meeting up with Mickey by a riverbank late at night.

After several extended sequences of passionate glances, Ian and Mickey exchange a rom-com-worthy kiss. Then, Ian bends Mickey over a pile of rocks and they start having sex.

It isn’t the last time Ian and Mickey see each other, but there’s still a sense of finality to the scene, making it a fitting send-off to a dysfunctional relationship.
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Carl & Carl, Season 9, Episode 8

In the season 9 mid-season premiere, 17-year-old Carl (played by Ethan Cutkosky, who is 19) is challenged by his father to a masturbating duel. Frank (William H. Macy) bets his son that Carl can't successfully rub one out in under three minutes — of course, this is all a ruse to procure healthy young semen that Frank can later give to the fertility doctor. Carl wins the bet, earning $100 in the process.

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