House Of Cards Just Revealed A Potential Feud In New Photos

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) has been president for about five minutes. In the normal world, this isn't even enough time to eat a sandwich, but in the absurdly fast-paced landscape of Washington, D.C., it's long enough to create three days worth of headlines. (This is why you probably feel like every day lasts a year when you pay attention to the news.) So, it's not too surprising to learn that House of Cards' newest (and most fashionable) president has already made some major waves, some good and some, well, questionable.
The good? She's already saved a bunch of jobs. The questionable? She's attracted some powerful, yet politically dangerous, allies along the way. Netflix released first-look photos from House of Cards' sixth and final season, featuring Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear, who will play a powerful brother-sister duo, Annette and Bill Shepherd.
According to Variety, the Shepherds will be similar in nature to the Koch brothers in that they'll use their money, connections, and power to influence American politics. To make things worse for Claire, the siblings reportedly have had a rocky history with the Underwoods in the past. Great, that's just one more mess of Frank's that Claire will now have to clean up.
In the photos, we see Claire holding hands with Lane at what appears to be a public event and, below, chatting with the Shepherds at the White House. It's unclear what exactly the Shepherds want, but we're guessing they're trying to use Frank's shameful departure from his post as commander in chief to their advantage. They'd better be careful, though. We've seen what happens when people try to strong arm Claire, and it's never pretty.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
A third photo shows the Shepherds talking with Annette's son, whom Vulture writes "represents the next generation of DC power players." Could the Shepherd family be trying to get close to Claire to gain her graces and bolster her son's career? Or, could their intentions be more nefarious? After all, money can get you a lot in D.C., potentially including years of damning information on the Underwood family that the Shepherds could use to their advantage.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
These are the first official photos from House of Cards since the Netflix announced Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) would no longer star in the drama series. The decision to fire Spacey came after a number of current and former actors accused him of sexual misconduct.
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