Drake Would Like To Remind Everyone His Feud With Kanye Is Far From Over

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The difference one word makes.
On Saturday night, Drake rekindled his long-standing beef with Kanye West by making just the slightest alteration to a lyric in a live rendition of “Know Yourself.” During a tour stop in Chicago — it was not lost on the rapper, or the crowd, that it’s West’s hometown — Drake changed the original line from, “Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks,” to, “Then Kanye flopped, it was polos and backpacks.”
You’ve got to give Drake points for consistency: the rapper has never been shy about bringing up his total domination of the charts, and let’s just say that West’s latest album, Ye, wasn’t his most critically beloved work.
Drake’s line edit is the latest entry to this ongoing saga. West has been in the mix of some of Drake’s most high-profile feuds, most notably his recent back and forth with Pusha T. The Pusha-Drake beef was initially rekindled on Pusha’s Kanye-produced Daytona, and the lines have been drawn as such ever since.
For his part, West attempted to shut down the feud with a single tweet, posted on June 1 — just days after Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” broke the internet, and about a month before Scorpion dropped.
“I’ve never been about beef. I’m about love. Lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone. So this is dead now,” West wrote.
That was West’s final say on the matter so far, but it doesn’t look like it took on Drake’s end. On Scorpion, Drake seemingly threw a few veiled digs at West — there was no name-dropping, but when Drake alludes to heroes acting out of character and relationships falling apart, connecting the dots is almost intuitive for fans. The digs were a little more pointed, although still remained nameless, in the “Behind Barz” freestyle Drake shared shortly after the album drop.
And now we’re here, taking direct aim by name. We’ve yet to see if West is taking the bait, but one thing’s for sure: Drake’s not done with this beef just yet.

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