Wonder Woman 1984’s Breakfast Club Photo Leaves Major Sequel Hints

Take it from Patty Jenkins: the best way to ensure your film becomes a classic is by having your cast pose like characters from another.
Filming for Wonder Woman 1984 is officially underway, but that didn’t stop some of the cast from taking a break to recreate The Breakfast Club’s iconic poster photo. Jenkins assumes the role of Judd Nelson’s “rebel,” while the cast round out the other positions: Chris Pine is “a brain,” Gal Gadot is “a beauty,” Kristen Wiig is “a recluse,” and Pedro Pascal is “a jock.”
Few details are known about the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel, but this photo falls in line with the film’s ‘80s theme. These Breakfast Club alter-egos may even give us more insight into each actor’s role in WW 1984. As John Hughes’s film proved, there’s always more to people than a stereotype.
Take Gadot’s Diana, who, like Molly Ringwald’s character Claire, is more than just a beauty. Diana may not be able to do that neat lipstick-boob trick, but she’s pretty badass when it comes to taking down bad guys. Likewise Pine’s Steve Trevor has somehow managed to survive from the first film, which no doubt takes brains and some other kind of superhuman abilities. Similar to Ally Sheedy’s basket-case character, Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah may have a good reason for her outlandish behavior and villainous ways.
Then there’s Pascal, whose role in WW 1984 is still completely unknown. The actor shared a photo of himself in character on Instagram with the caption, “Power suit. Power hair,” but no other details were given about who he’ll be playing exactly and how he’ll cross paths with Wonder Woman.

Power suit. Power hair. #WW84

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However, the suit and his position as “the jock” – i.e. the popular person by high school standards – in the photo supports a fan theory that Pascal will star as Maxwell Lord. Lord was a smooth-talking businessman and an integral part in the formation of the Justice League International, but was later killed by Wonder Woman after an attempt to take over the world, according to Comic Vine.
Does this mean Wonder Woman is headed down an even darker road when the film premieres in November 2019? Who knows. Until then, excuse us while we go re-watch The Breakfast Club in search of any other connections between the two movies.

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