Where Is Your Favorite Actor From True Blood Now?

True Blood is a lot like the vampires in True Blood, in the sense that True Blood will never get old. One decade ago, on September 7, 2008, vampires crawled out of the coffin and onto our television screens, changing TV forever.
In the years since True Blood's finale, I've only grown to appreciate Alan Ball's big-hearted, daring supernatural show more — its brazenness, its sexual fluidity, and its memorable characters. But in one sense, I never have to leave True Blood behind. Many of the ensemble cast's main actors have had vivid careers since the show's 2014 finale – winning Emmys, starring in TV shows, and even marrying Sofia Vergara.
Their pop culture appearances always come as little treats. However, when considering the cast of True Blood's current careers, it's impossible not avoid the tragedy of Nelsan Ellis' premature death. Ellis, who played Lafayette in the show, died in 2017. True Blood wouldn't have been True Blood without him.

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