Kim Kardashian Pulls A Cardi B And Dyes Her Hair To Match Her Lamborghini

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So we guess Kim Kardashian West really wanted to pay Cardi B a compliment.
One week after Cardi B dyed her hair blue to match her Lamborghini courtesy of hairstylist Cliff Vmir, Kim Kardashian West has gone and done exactly the same thing. Well, kinda.
While Cardi B got her blue Lamborghini and then dyed her hair the same color, Kim's apparently done the opposite. Hairstylist Chris Appleton gave her some neon green hair first, and then Kim got a Lamborghini to match.
As she wrote on her Instagram story: "Had to get a neon green Lambo to match my hair!!!"
So we guess now the ultimate flex is wearing hair that matches your Lamborghini.
"I think this can be a really, really good trend," Vmir tells Refinery29. "It’s the summertime. Bright colors are in style right now. If you’ve got a bright car, why not?" And it's totally cool if that car is a Honda and not a Lambo, which would run you about $200,000.
Vmir also has a theory as to how Kim could have scooped this beauty idea from Cardi. "Kim is a beauty icon, so for Kim to re-create the look with a different color, it’s unbelievable," Vmir says. "Like wow, I did Cardi's to match her Lambo; then Cardi went and hung out with Kim; and now Kim did exactly the same thing. So she may have been inspired after that!"
Indeed, it was just last week when Cardi and her Lambo-blue hair, which is now back to brunette, were hanging out with Kim and Kris Jenner. So maybe the reason for her dye job came up, and the two decided to make it a trend.
North West is apparently already a fan of the look, too, with Kim posting a video of North wearing the green wig while riding a scooter on her Instagram story. (It's gonna be several years before North can get her driver's license and hop in her mom's Lambo, but wheels are wheels.)
It's a summer Friday mood.
Refinery29 has reached out to Chris Appleton for more details on this look and will update when we hear back.

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