This New Limited Edition Ikea Collection Is For Ugly-Chic Décor Lovers

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
You might not think that you'd want your home décor to be described as "ugly," but that's exactly the word used to characterize the pieces in Ikea's newest collection. Föremål is a collaboration with designer Per B Sunberg, and the items he has created for the limited edition collection are being touted as "Pretty, ugly, lovely."
Sunberg is a celebrated Swedish glass and ceramic artist who's known for the absurd humor he brings to his work. Quirky imagery like skulls, crowns, bananas, and mushrooms are featured in many of the ceramics included in Föremål, and Sunberg utilizes unexpected kaleidoscope-like patterns on the collection's textiles. The 26 pieces included in this forthcoming collab certainly run the gamut from pretty to ugly, but every single one of them is unlike anything we've seen before. If you're looking to show off your eccentric side, this collection is sure to have a piece or two for you.
Föremal will officially launch this September. The brilliantly bizarre collaboration between Sunberg and Ikea will not be available online, so if you want to add a little weirdness to your home, make sure you go into an Ikea store while the pieces are available. We suggest calling in advance to double check that your location has the line in stock.
Take a look ahead to see all the items.

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