Here Are the Best IRL Crazy Rich Asians Instagram Accounts to Follow

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.
Crazy Rich Asians is a voyeuristic glimpse, provided by author Kevin Kwan and now director Jon M. Chu, into the lives of the unfathomably rich and privileged. And while it’s up to viewers to decide how they feel about foreign ‘wealth porn,’ the sheer degree of affluence displayed on screen is enough to make most people’s jaws fall right open.
Many are critical of displays of over-the-top wealth, and it is difficult to navigate the celebration of extreme fortunes when at least 80 percent of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. And yet, people can’t seem to get enough of these lavish displays in popular culture.
Crazy Rich Asians hits theaters today, August 15, and regardless of how you feel about extreme financial privilege, the film does represent the first Hollywood blockbuster to feature an all-Asian cast in 24 years, and that is groundbreaking.
For those interested in continuing to get their fix of private jets, tropical islands, jewelry, and other signifiers of indescribable wealth, look no further. Ahead is a list of #IRL crazy rich Asians’ Instagram accounts for your viewing (or outrage) pleasure.

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