How 5 Spiritual Workers Unwind After A Long Day

produced by Anna Jay; photographed by Eylul Aslan; produced by Meg O'Donnell.
It might be a Wednesday. It might be the dog days of summer. It might be 2018. But, despite all that, today is National Relaxation Day, a holiday created by an Iowan 9-year-old in the '80s whose reasoning was that, “people don’t think enough about relaxing," and "that’s not good because if you work too hard, then you can get a fever or get run-down and maybe even get sick.” Out of the mouths of babes.
In honor of this young visionary — and the fact that we could all stand to spend a little more time chilling out — we turned to some of our favorite people in the wellness and spirituality community to see how they choose to care for themselves. Turns out, there isn't a secret formula — or magic spell — for relaxation.
As Gardnerian priestess and author Thorn Mooney told us, "What relaxes and recharges you spiritually may not be the same for someone else." Translation: Even if your favorite influencer claims that an hour-long foam rolling session followed by a flower petal-infused bath under the light of the full moon is the key to self-care, you might prefer (and feel genuinely better after) simply carving out some time to watch your favorite show or read that article you Pocketed a month ago. In the same way that spirituality means something different for everyone, so does relaxation.
Here, five women working across the spiritual space share what helps them unwind after a long day.