How To Refresh Your Summer Makeup After Sweating It All Off

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
It's August in New York City, which means it's officially makeup-melting-off-your-face-within-10-minutes-of-stepping-outside weather. Love it? Yeah, neither do we.
For makeup-wearers, this type of heat means that refreshing and reapplying your makeup after you've sweat most of it off is a daily ritual — but not always an easy one. Have you ever tried to layer on more mascara at the end of the day only to be left with one single, massive eyelash? And a second coat of lipstick on top of a hours-old shade is bound to leave you with nothing but a crusty mess.
"Heat and moisture can be your worst enemy and wreck your makeup on a hot day," Myiesha Sewell, a Sephora beauty director, says. "But, surprisingly, they can be your best friend when you’re 'reblooming' your makeup." Reblooming? We could get into that. "Since most products are made up of pigment and some type of liquid or cream, by 'reblooming' your makeup, you’re simply reactivating ingredients with the addition of moisture and/or heat, restoring it to the way it was when you first put it on."
Refreshing your makeup is not only an inevitability this time of year, but it's also an art. We asked a few experts about how to refresh or "rebloom" your makeup the right way, without getting the dreaded uni-lash.

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