The Kissing Booth's Joey King Is Starring In Teen Ghost

Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.
The star of Netflix's romantic comedy The Kissing Booth will next lock lips with a teen ghost.
According to Deadline, Joey King has joined the film The In Between, a "supernatural romance" with shades of the 1990 film Ghost. King, who will also produce the still in-development movie (you go, girl) plays a high schooler whose boyfriend dies in a devastating car accident. Now, she's convinced that her lost love is reaching out to her from beyond the grave.
Get out your pottery wheels, because we've officially moved on from hot vampires. It's now sexy ghosts who reign supreme.
The 19-year-old King tweeted about the soon-to-be movie, which was bought as a pitch by Paramount, on Wednesday.
"So grateful!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU @Paramountpics"

So grateful!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU @Paramountpics

A post shared by Joey King (@joeyking) on

The actress-turned-producer is having quite the year. In addition to the success of The Kissing Booth, King will next star in the highly-anticipated horror film Slender Man, based on the popular creepypasta sure to plague your nightmares should you Google it. (So, umm, maybe don't Google it?)
While ghosts don't literally follow King around (I mean, probably), projects about people being haunted apparently do. The actress previously starred in Wish Upon, a teen horror flick about an evil "wish box," as well as the first film in the paranormal investigator franchise The Conjuring. King was even set to star in The CW pilot Dead Inside, about a cop who teams up with her dead detective brother in order to solve crimes. Ultimately, she was replaced by an older actress, and the pilot did not move forward to series.
Still —  does King love ghosts, or do they love her? In The In Between, it's both!
While we'll have to wait to find out who will play King's onscreen love interest (unfortunately, she and Kissing Booth actor Jacob Elordi can't star in everything together) this is one spooky romance I already can't wait to see onscreen.

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