These Fragrances Smell Just Like That Vacation You've Been Dying To Go On

I’ve never been to Tokyo, or Dallas, or Los Angeles, but I have been to — and, yes, live in — New York. Because of this, I can confirm that it does not smell anywhere near as good as something you’d want to bottle up and purchase for nearly $500. Le Labo begs to differ.
In addition to its usual lineup, the luxe olfactory brand also offers a collection of city-specific fragrances, each one sold exclusively in the city by which it was inspired. Fortunately, these adaptations are much more appealing than the actual stench of any given metropolitan area; to my surprise, New York's Tubereuse 40 smells more like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (one of the city's only true oases) instead of the counter of a Papaya Dog past midnight, and Dallas' Aldehyde 44 isn't a mixture of hay and the inside of a cowboy boot but composed around the same iconic note found in Chanel No. 5.
With that said, don't get your hopes up quite yet that you'll own one of these niche fragrances any time soon — at least, not until September, when the scents go worldwide for the month. You can shop sample kits of the fragrances on Le Labo's site now, and starting September 1st through the 30th, you can purchase full-size versions of each city exclusive whether you live in Tokyo or Tennessee. To help you prepare, we've rounded up all 11, so start gearing up to smash that piggy bank. (At least they're cheaper than a plane ticket... well, most of them are, anyway.)

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