These Fragrances Smell Like New York — But Only The Good Parts

In many ways, New York City lives up to its hype. The skyline is really that incredible, the bagels are that big, and if you make it here, you can make it anywhere. But what the glossy tourism brochures neglect to mention is that an alarming number of people throw up on the subway during rush hour, there are often more trash bags on the sidewalk than people, and it's physically impossible to leave Baxter Street not reeking of raw fish.
But hey, what are you to do if you're a perfumer tasked with creating a New York-inspired scent — mix notes of street gyro with urine? No, you take inspiration from the architecture, the $18 cocktails, the lights. And what you get then is something pretty spectacular and splurgeworthy, just like the City of Dreams.

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