Are You A Hallie Parker Or An Annie James?

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As a kid, I was convinced of the fact that Lindsay Lohan was a twin, just like her characters in The Parent Trap. How else could I explain Annie James and Hallie Parker's sheer individuality? Later, I learned about body doubles and special effects — but the twins' impression still remained. I wanted to be Annie and Hallie. And could you blame me? They're simply amazing.
Only 11 years old, both Annie and Hallie are already armed with useful real-world skills like poker and telling white lies. They are fearless in their loyalty. They are blessed with the kind of self confidence and ease among adults I’ve aspired to my whole life. Essentially, both Hallie and Annie are role models for women of all ages.
Since we’re not their parents, we get to play favorites. Are you an Annie or a Hallie? It's a question only the internet is equipped to answer. Spend enough time on the more introspective corners of the web, and you learn a lot about yourself, from your Myers Briggs personality type to your moon sign. In honor of The Parent Trap’s 20th anniversary, we’re about to add another quiz to your list: Are you an Annie James or a Hallie Parker? Do you walk through the world with British poshness, or California confidence? Find out here.

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