The Beyoncé Pregnancy Fan Theory, Explained

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Even though Cardi B announced the birth of her daughter Wednesday morning, baby fever has no cure. That's why fans are already on a roll regarding another celebrity pregnancy, regardless of whether or not that celebrity is actually pregnant.
Over the past week or so, fans have started wondering if Beyoncé, mother of three, is pregnant again. A video of the singer performing during her On The Run II tour with Jay-Z caught the attention of the Beyhive when she gave her belly a little rub onstage. It reminded some people of her first pregnancy announcement, which she revealed with a similar rub at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards during a performance of "Love On Top."
This one, however, might just be a coincidence:
"Beyoncé is really pregnant again," wrote the user, captioning the video that kicked off the rumor. "And she’s about to be a mother of 4 WOW."
They weren't the only ones to get this impression, for many reasons:
"I watched Beyoncé perform in Rome, Italy TODAY. I’m just gonna hottake this right now .. She might be pregnant," tweeted radio personality Scottie Beam, adding, "The show felt like Jay Z feat Beyoncé... and that ain’t normal. At all."
Apparently, these two anecdotes, plus some paparazzi photos taken of the singer, were enough evidence for the world to run wild.
"Beyoncé is really pregnant again..." wrote a fan. "Kylie drained her lip fillers and Justin Bieber is engaged. That’s today’s news folks."
Basically, Beyoncé should be allowed to live and breathe and get bloated just like the rest of us, because we don't actually know if there's a fourth Carter baby brewing. Neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have returned Refinery29's request for comment on the rumors, but hopefully if Blue Ivy ever responds to my playdate invites, she can give me the tea.

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