All The Clues To Figuring Out The Identity Of The Sharp Objects Killer

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
HBO's Sharp Objects is a sweaty thriller built on top of mysteries. Many of them stem from the horrific, enigmatic history of Camille Preaker (Amy Adams), the Gillian Flynn adaptation's antiheroine. But, the terrors of the past aren’t what brings Camille back to her sweaty, claustrophobic hometown of the fictional Wind Gap, Missouri. No, the tragedies of the present drag our hard-drinking journalist back to where all the nightmares began.
As series premiere “Vanish” reveals, Wind Gap is now the site of two serial murders in less than a year. It is Camille’s job to figure who killed “incorrigible” little girls Ann Nash (Kaegan Baron) and Natalie Keene (Jessica Treska). While Sharp Objects takes viewers down lots of humid, winding roads, that question is the thread holding the entire series together.
So, as Camille tries to find the monster responsible for the killings, it’s only fair for fans to play along at home. If you want to test out your own murder mystery detective skills, keep reading for all the serial killer clues hiding in the country-fried drama.
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