We Have Much To Fear In M. Night Shyamalan's New Movie

According to a new movie poster, villains are populating M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming film Glass...and we should be very, very afraid.
Sixth Sense helmer and iconic twist-maker Shyamalan unleashed perhaps his biggest surprise ending yet on fans with his 2016 horror film Split.
In the movie, James McAvoy portrays a man with multiple personalities, all of whom are threatened by the nightmarish "Beast" that also resides within his body. (No one said this movie was DSM-5 accurate, okay?) At the end of the film, after our heroine Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) escapes the Beast's grasp, it's revealed that the film exists in the very same universe as Shyamalan's acclaimed 2000 film Unbreakable.
Unlike Split, which very much sold itself as a horror film, Unbreakable is more of a suspense-thriller, in which a modern-day "superhero" (Bruce Willis) must come to terms with his incredible superhuman abilities while battling an elusive enemy who might be closer than he thinks.
The film cloaks the superhero genre in a grounded lens — don't expect it to look like anything out of the MCU — but Shyamalan's superhero universe is filling out rapidly, with Glass as the third addition to the Unbreakable-spawned franchise. McAvoy will reprise his role from Split as one of the three main villains. Samuel L. Jackson's "Mr. Glass," from whom the film gets its title, will also join The Beast.
Per the new movie poster, however, there will be another person joining Glass and the Beast for this genre-bending flick. Who is the person on the right of the poster, cast in a green shadow?
Right now, their identity is unclear. (I'm hoping it's Sarah Paulson's new character.) One thing we know for sure? That the shackles of the prison system can't hold this Injustice League down. Though each villain is depicted as less-than-mobile in the poster, their reflection in the (dare I say) glassy floor illuminates a much darker potential.
January 18, 2019, can't come soon enough.

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