7 Easy Tricks To Make Sure Your Email Gets Read

produced by Julie Borowsky; photographed by Tayler Smith.
We've all received bad emails: typos in the subject line, wordy text in the body that doesn't get to the point, stale sign-offs like "yours truly," and the recipient's name misspelled (sometimes in a few places, with different misspellings!) throughout.
Email reigns supreme as the most popular means of professional communication these days. We often communicate with colleagues, clients, and prospective employers via email before meeting IRL (if we even do at all), which means it's key to maximize the impact of the emails we're sending.
We tapped the expertise of a few professionals in the field on what makes the most effective subject lines, what time of day elicits the highest rate of response, and to settle the question, once and for all, of how many exclamation points are too many exclamation points.
Ahead, we'll tackle the most common work email mistakes so you can put your best e-foot forward.

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