A Definitive Ranking Of Every TV Show & Movie Starting With The Word "American"

"'Murica, fuck yeah!"
That's how I imagine television executives respond when someone pitches a show with the word "American" in it. Add to that movie executives, who greenlit the titles American Beauty, American Pyshco, and American in Paris. Regardless of how the citizens of America really feel about the country, filmmakers in the United States love the word "American." Our girl's got that je ne sais quois, I guess.
Just this year, we've had American Animals, the movie starring Evan Peters, and now American Woman, the TV series starring Alicia Silverstone. And we're not even getting into books territory — An American Marriage by Tayari Jones made waves, and that's just one book.
So, what is it about the word "American" in titles? Well, for one, it ensures that we know that the movie/TV show is a commentary on America. American creators really want to have a "conversation" about this country. Or, they want to hold a mirror to America's flaws. That's certainly the idea behind American Woman, the Paramount show about the childhood of RHOBH's Kyle Richards. Richards' mother (or a fictionalized version of her) leaves her cheating husband for life as a single mother. How's that for redefining the traditional trope of "American woman"?
In honor of that show and the impending Fourth of July, we decided to get a little patriotic. Ahead, our very arbitrary ranking of the movies and TV shows with the word "American" in their titles. For the purposes of this exercise, these are the rules governing the following titles:
1. "American" must come first. No prepositions or articles may proceed the word "American.
2. The titles have to be at least sort of good. So, no, I am not including any artsy student films called "American Hunk" or "American Study Booty."
3. We will not be discussing books, songs, works of art, or essays. There's just too much content, okay?

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