Surprise! Two Of Your Netflix Faves Are BFFs

It’s hard not to be disappointed that MTV is giving their annual (and recently renamed) Movie & TV Awards the shaft for 2018. Not only is the awards show airing on a Monday, two days after it actually occurred, this year, but no network is even airing the red carpet. Instead, the stylish proceedings were live streamed on Twitter. That is a high crime against pop culture, since it denies us the widescreen antics of the 13 Reasons Why cast, the high fashion of Love, Simon’s Keiynan Lonsdale’s capital-L Lewk, and, most importantly, the revelation that a fantastic Netflix star best friendship has been hiding under our noses.
The giddy duo revealed as much during their MTV carpet interview with host Nessa, who asked how Gilpin (presenting an award that evening with Glow co-star Alison Brie) and Milioti (Most Frightened Performance nominee for her rightly terrified Nanette Cole) became so close. The answer: the actresses co-starred in off-Broadway play That Face in 2010, in which they played a pair of British mean girl teens. While that explanation was pretty cut and dry, the pair's accounts of their schoolgirl-skirted experience on the play – loud and heavily accented – were beyond endearing.
The giddy display was so charming, even Nessa couldn’t stop fawning over the gal pals. That’s why she kept the pair around as long as possible, eventually just letting them riff on how much they love each other. “Her performance is insane!” Gilpin gushed with pride, adding, “Cristin is the most wonderful, magical sparrow!” Milioti, wonderful, magical sparrow that she is, was just as excited for her BFF, chanting, “Betty is a queen! Betty is a queen!”
Unfortunately, neither Gilpin nor Milioti use social media very much — and have never shared their super fun, loving friendship — so we’ll merely have to hope they escorting each other to the many awards shows they deserve invites to. Or...Milioti gets a guest starring role soon on Glow, which returns for season 2 on June 29. We can all dream for Glow round 3, can’t we?
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