How This Woman Hacked Her Boyfriend's Email & Sabotaged His Music Career

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It's a tale of love, lies, and clarinets.
Per the New York Times, Eric Abramovitz, a gifted Canadian clarinetist of modest financial means was offered the chance of a lifetime — a full ride to Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles to study with renowned professor Yehuda Gilad. The only problem? He never found out he got in.
Jennifer Lee, who had been dating Abramovitz for a few months, hacked into his email and turned down the offer. She didn't want him to go, so she sent her beau a rejection from the fake Gmail address "giladyehuda09" (really?). Despite the setback, Abramovitz soldiered on and received his bachelor's degree from McGill University. At some point he and Lee broke up (which was clearly for the best).
But don't worry — this story has a happy ending. In 2016 Abramovitz auditioned in-person for Gilad. The professor was both impressed and confused. Wasn't this the student who had turned him down just a few years earlier? The two compared notes (i.e., the faked email correspondence) and Abramovitz put together the pieces of Lee's twisted betrayal.
He filed a police report and Lee was recently ordered by a judge to pay her ex $375,000 CAD for crushing his dreams.
Abramovitz now plays clarinet in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
The Summer of the Scammer continues.

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