Last Night's Jersey Shore Featured Ronnie Magro's Most Honest Moment In The House

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Thursday night's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation featured Ronnie Magro's most honest moments this season. He was honest with himself and with viewers, baring his soul in a tearful confessional about the miserable state of his love life.
Magro's storyline this season featured drunken cheating moments caught on camera, and a distraught Magro vacillating between leaving and staying with his pregnant girlfriend, Jen Harley, out of a sense of duty. His self-destructive behavior was a cause for concern for the rest of the roommates, especially since Harley was close to eight months pregnant with the couple's daughter.
Last night's episode, "JWoww vs. The Proposal," was all about Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's impending engagement to girlfriend Lauren Pesce. Pesce arrives mid-episode, and Sorrentino practically coos with joy. Watching the two, Magro goes from seething with jealousy — not this writer's opinion; he later admits he's envious — to actually being happy for Sorrentino, who has had his own share of headaches (read: tax evasion charges, multiple stints in rehab).
Magro later reveals that Harley cheated on him before she got pregnant, and that he's gutted and unsure of where the relationship is going. "I did my dirt, too," he says, adding that his cheating was just a reaction to Harley's infidelity. "I'm not used to being with someone like myself. I've finally met my match," Magro admits. Somewhere in New Jersey, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola is shaking her head.
The episode wraps up as a sobbing Magro goes into the confessional room as everyone else goes to bed. "My relationship with Jen is conflicted and it's driving me fucking crazy...I would like to have that happiness that Mike has," Magro admits.
"I want a family. I want to be happy. I want to be in Mike's shoes. I want to propose. I want to have that feeling. I want to have all the things they have," Magro says. "I was with a girl for eight years and it didn't work out, now I got a girl pregnant after a year, [and] it probably won't work out." Even as disgusted as I've been with him all season, I felt really sad for him.
Until he said: "I'm doing my best trying to make it work." Ugh. No, he's not. He brought a group of women home the first chance he could. He was very obviously caressing the bare bottom of one of the women in a hot tub, and then he took her upstairs to make out with her away from the cameras. Then he threw a temper tantrum when his heavily pregnant girlfriend wanted to leave a strip club because of the cigarette smoke. Magro ran her name through the mud, slut-shaming Harley a mere three weeks after she gave birth to his child. Oh, and he could not, would not stop running his mouth about Giancola. So, no, Ron Ron, you're not trying hard enough, even though you were finally honest with yourself.
Try again.
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