Ronnie Reached A New Low On Last Night's Jersey Shore

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I'm officially drawing the line for Ronnie Magro. For all the maturing (some of) the members of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast have done since the show's heyday, I don't know why we're still giving Magro the time of day. If anything, this season has proved that his behavior has gotten worse, but Thursday night's episode was a new low.
In it, Magro's girlfriend Jen Harley visited the house while she was seven months pregnant. Everyone knew this was a rocky idea from the start, not just because Magro had seemingly cheated on Harley with a girl from a club, but because Harley was seven months pregnant, and their lifestyle does not jive with an unborn baby.
These two situations quickly butted heads (and I'm not talking about her moment with The Situation, himself). Harley came along with the crew as they went to a strip club, and understandably realized pretty quickly that that was not a good place for her to be. It was stuffy and filled with smoke so she told Magro they needed to go home. Magro proceeded to huff the entire way back, lamenting the fact that he had to be "responsible." If you think this qualifies as a responsibility, just wait until you have a baby.
But this isn't the first instance of Magro's problematic behavior. He clogged all the toilets, forcing the women to clean it up, and had an absolute meltdown about his soon-to-be child that involved confessing his love for ex, Sammi Giancola.
Then, of course, there's the stuff that happened after the show — namely when he took to social media to publicly slut-shame the mother of his newborn child.
"Note to self, can’t turn a natural born HOE, into a HOUSEWIFE, if you find them in the gutter then leave them in the gutter," he wrote on now-deleted Instagram stories. "If your significant other keeps sex videos of their ex, shouldn’t they show enough respect to delete them, esp after being in a new relationship for over a year?"
Harley fired back with "You can't turn a coke head into a father." Magro later apologized, but that hot temper makes it clear he's learned nothing from his time back at the shore.
For some reason, however, his housemates are...okay with it? I wish they would give him the cold shoulder he deserved every once in a while so he knows this behavior is not okay, but it sounds like Magro is doomed to keep making the same mistakes — at everyone else's expense.
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