How Did Corey Gamble End Up Here?

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Dear Kardashian fanatics, we have just have one question for you: How did Corey Gamble get here?
And by here, we mean in the reflection of girlfriend Kris Jenner's sunglasses while attending the hottest children's birthday party in Calabasas. Namely, North West and Penelope Disick's epic unicorn party earlier this month.
So who is Gamble, the often seen, rarely heard, on-again, off-again boyfriend of the most famous momager in the game? He seemed to have a meteoric rise within the KarJenner family, appearing on Kris' arm out of nowhere in 2014, and by Kanye West's side during a meeting with then President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in 2016.
A deep dive into Gamble's Instagram reveals jet setting vacations, selfies on private planes, and hobnobbing with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Tommy Hilfiger, and...Billy Ray Cyrus. Oh, and did we mention the selfies? There are lots and lots of selfies.
Here, find out how Corey became the Kardashian matriarch's right-hand man and trusted honorary KarJenner family member.
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#Tbt...... The beginning.... The good boy became a good man...

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Humble Beginnings

The Atlanta native played football at Westlake High School and studied business marketing at Morehouse College.
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Jet Setter Lifestyle

A careful study of Gamble's Instagram in the years before he shacked up with Kris reveals that he was living the high life way before he started dating the baddest bitch in Calabasas. Who knows, perhaps it was all for show, but Gamble had one private plane post after another, jet setting from getaway to getaway.
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Baby Steps Into The Limelight

The years 2012 to 2014 are an interesting time for Gamble, he started posting more and more photos with celebrities, sharing photos of outings with Bieber, Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, really), and a family moment at "big bro" Diddy's house.
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The pie is baking ....

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The Bieber Connection

Corey was once the pop star's road manager, working under Bieber's manager Scooter Braun. His Instagram feed circa 2013-2014 is filled with shout-outs to Bieber and behind-the-scenes images in the recording studio. He even called Bieber his "nephew."
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Momager's Bae

It seems Kris was ready to move on as soon as she finalized her 2014 divorce from Bruce Jenner, her husband of 23-years (who transitioned to Caitlyn in 2015). Gamble recalled his meet-cute with Jenner during a lunch with Khloé Kardashian and BFF Malika Haqq in a 2015 episode of KUWTK. Corey met Jenner at fashion designer Riccardo Tisci's 40th birthday party in Ibiza in August 2014.

"She had on this nice-ass dress, and she was looking good," Gamble exclaims as the two smile at his enthusiasm. "I waited till she was off on her own, and we started talking."

He asked Jenner for a dance...."and it went from there."
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Hey momma miss ya.. #G650

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His (Probably) First Instagram For Jenner

Corey met Jenner in August of 2014, and according to E! News, the two hit it off right away. A little over a month later, Corey posted this selfie from a plane, with a little wink to a certain "momma."
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Keeping Up With Corey

Gamble first appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2015, having become a regular companion to Jenner during appearances and vacations.

He would go on to make many on-camera appearances, developing a fraught relationship with Khloé, who has always been protective of her family.
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The Paris Robbery Episode Of KUTWK

In October 2016, Gamble was right next to Kris as they arrived at the West's New York City apartment ahead of Kim and Kanye's arrival from the airport. Kim had been robbed at gunpoint in Pairs mere hours earlier. Gamble can be seen right next to a teary-eyed Kris as she watches Kim hug North West. No matter how many times we watch this episode, this moment always stands out as the most emotional.
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Trump Tower Visit

An established member of the Kardashian-adjacent family, Gamble accompanied Kanye West on the rapper's surprise visit to Trump Tower to meet with then President-elect Donald Trump in December 2016. Gamble can be seen in the background of this CNN video, later shaking hands with Trump.

Gamble accompanying the rapper shows just how trusted and enmeshed he had become in the family.
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Caption this....

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Confirming The Breakup

In October 2017, Kim Kardashian West accidentally announced her mom's breakup with Gamble in an Instagram of the momager that she originally captioned: "Caption this.... mine is SWF." The acronym, "Single White Female," was all but confirmation that the breakup rumors swirling around the couple were true. Kardashian has since deleted that part of the caption.

Not to be outdone, Gamble posted his own Instagram, but this one is a little more sad. He posted a picture of his birthday cake, captioning it: "Certain days allow you to see who’s who..... i really appreciate my few....Thanx... Mom dukes NR. AP. 11/10. My day.. Words vs Action/effort.... ?"
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Back behind table 24 was Us !

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Together Again

The lovebirds were back together by the time the 2018 Met Gala rolled around, with Gamble attending the swanky fashion event as Kris' date. He posted this epic group shot from the gala.
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Sunny Future

And so we're back at this iconic shot of Corey reflected in this sweet picture of Kris with Dream Kardashian taken in June 2018. The two have been on a journey, but are fast approaching their four-year anniversary. Time flies by when you're keeping up.
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Supporting Through Drama

Corey is featured heavily in season 15 of KUWTK, and appears in a preview that teases Khloé and Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal this past spring. He can be seen looking at his phone in shock as Kris talks about "these guys" seeking "sloppy seconds."

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