Every Degrassi Reference You Missed In Drake's "I'm Upset" From An Unironic Superfan

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Look, I'm not saying that I got into entertainment writing as an excuse to publish all of my feelings about Degrassi, but it's also not particularly far from the truth. Thanks to former student Jimmy Brooks/rap icon Drake, my passion for Degrassi is now more relevant than ever. Drake's "I'm Upset" music video is a bonafide Degrassi reunion, and honestly, a music video has never made me feel so warm and happy.
Drake famously played a high school basketball star who is shot in the back during a particularly horrifying episode about school violence. While, no, Drake did not end up back in that wheelchair, the six-minute video did deliver plenty of niche references to Jimmy's time on the show. Here's just a few you may have missed.
Terri Is Back!
Terri (Christina Schmidt) left the series after she was injured by her abusive boyfriend Rick (Ephraim Ellis), the very same dude who would go on to shoot Jimmy. It looks like Terri is doing much better these days (like Terri was, Schmidt is now a model.) Guess Drake didn't mind seeing Jimmy's ex Hazel (Andrea Lewis) at the reunion, either.
Queen Kwan Is Back!
LinLyn Lue's English teacher who can't stop, won't stop making every unit about Shakespeare shows up to the party alongside Principal Simpson (Stefan Brogren). Brogren appeared in the original Degrassi Junior High, and is now also a producer on the series. I guess that's what happens when you stick around long enough.
The Double Ds Have Reunited
So I guess Derek (Marc Donato) and Danny (Dalmar Abuzeid) still hang? They were perhaps the most annoying pair of high school BFFs the show has ever featured, but good to know some things never change.
Meet The Degrassi Character With The Biggest Glow-Up
It took me waaaaay too long to realize this guy's place in the Degrassi universe. World, let me re-introduce you to Connor Deslauriers (a.k.a. AJ Saudin) whom I really hope that Jenna didn't dump before he went through such an epic glow-up.
Also, side bar: Connor is by far the youngest character to appear at this Degrassi reunion. In fact, he didn't hang with anyone in Jimmy's crew. Is he only here because he's Mr. Simpson's godson?
Of Course Jay & Silent Bob Were Invited
In what was perhaps the most strange instance of world's colliding, Kevin Smith decided to shoot their film Jay & Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh? at Degrassi Community School. Weirdly, the movie actually set off a lot of plot points, including Manny (Cassie Steele) longing to become an actress, which she eventually did on Jason Mewes' fictional directorial debut in Degrassi Goes Hollywood. So, yeah: These two more than deserve to be included in the Degrassi reunion.
Emma Is Still Being Judgey AF
Emma (Miriam McDonald) once gave poor Manny hell for embracing her whale-tail baring, crop-top loving self. Here, at the reunion, she's making sure that Manny's boobs stay firmly in her shirt.
Jimmy Gets Revenge On Rick
Note the poster that Rick runs past — it says "Time To Show Your Degrassi Spirit." The episode in which Rick shoots Jimmy is titled "Time Stands Still."
Spinner Pukes, Again
All apologies for the gross GIF. Perhaps this is a reference to that time Spinner (Shane Kippel) was undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer and vomited in class?
Degrassi Is On Fire & It's A True #TBT
Degrassi has caught fire on multiple occasions. Famously, Degrassi Junior High featured a plot point in which the school burned down during the graduation dance. In Degrassi: The Next Generation episode "The Power Of Love," which heavily featured a Jimmy storyline about making the dance the "perfect night," a fire also starts.
Watch the full video below:
Drake may be upset, but I definitely am not. Long live Degrassi.

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