The Cazzie David Guide To Getting Over Your Ex

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Cazzie David has stayed silent on the subject of her ex, Pete Davidson, reportedly getting engaged to Ariana Grande — well, mostly. But we happen to know she's well-equipped to handle heartbreak. Her 2017 web series, Eighty-Sixed, was all about getting dumped and starting over. Did David, like her character Remi, google how Stacy Keibler is doing after George Clooney left her for Amal?
While we don't know the specifics of her relationship with Davidson, the actress and writer has spoken in the past about the very scenario she's in right now. For instance, she told Vogue she has an eight-week plan for getting over breakups, starting with wallowing — and then recovering from the wallowing. She spends the first few weeks of any heartbreak eating ice cream and vegging out before going on runs and drinking juice. That's when the mental recovery begins.
"Any photo a guy chooses of themselves is by default very embarrassing," she told the outlet, so she recommends going through their Facebook photos to "dethrone" them from their pedestal.
Speaking of social media, that's a whole other part of breaking up that millennials have to deal with. The moment Davidson and Grande started getting public on Instagram...

the chamber of secrets has been opened ...

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...David hit back with this:

Been in Africa, what’d I miss ??

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In fact, that's what she says week six of a break up is all about: Posting a calculated attractive photo of yourself (is it possible the break up occurred six weeks prior, in late April?). Unfortunately, social media warfare is a tricky game to play.
"Social media is super contradictory, especially for women," she told Refinery29 last September. "It's a tool that can help boost your ego, while simultaneously destroying it. You can feel so good about a post, but if you look at it too long, you'll hate yourself and want to delete your online presence."
No matter how prepared David is, break ups are always hard — especially when all websites can talk about is your ex's new girlfriend. According to her eight-week plan, however, the ex usually texts you by the end. Unfortunately, this time, it may have been to announce an engagement. Luckily, it looks like David is well past wallowing and having a great time of her own. The secret ninth step? Safaris and wine.

Came here a person, leaving a human bottle of wine

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